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Immigrant doctors sidelined even as US calls back retired medical professionals to help
Zahraa Al-Turaihi and Hussein Al-Sudani served as doctors in emergency rooms in Iraq during the war against ISIS. Now they're immigrants who are living in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, and ready to help fight the coronavirus pandemic, but they can't -- at least not until July.
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 15:55:30 GMT
Inside a New York hospital on the front lines
CNN's Miguel Marquez gets an exclusive look inside a New York City hospital where doctors and staff are working tirelessly to save coronavirus patients.
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 16:04:12 GMT
Dr. Fauci: When Trump saw the data he 'got it right away'
President Donald Trump "got it right away" when presented with data about the rise in coronavirus cases, which influenced his decision to extend social distancing guidelines, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, said on CNN.
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 11:53:35 GMT
Hungarian parliament votes to let Orban rule by decree in wake of pandemic
Hungary's parliament has voted to allow Prime Minister Viktor Orban to rule by decree in order to combat the coronavirus pandemic, giving the populist leader extra powers to unilaterally enact a series of sweeping measures.
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 15:23:04 GMT
Oil crashes below $20 as demand destruction intensifies
The great oil crash of 2020 ain't over yet.
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 17:01:25 GMT

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